Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Windows XP Mode in Windows 7

For those of you that attended my presentation about Terminal Services and XenApp, maybe you remember I was talking about future of application publishing – what I would love to see one day is ability to publish application from within virtual machine (ehm, I know, VMWare Fusion already does that ;)) and ideally ability to move these published applications between computers (because I have laptop and desktop…

Welcome to Windows 7 Windows XP Mode :) This is somehow similar concept to one I mentioned and is ideal for compatibility problems.

In Windows 7, you got native support for VHD files – it is not final yet, however in RC we should get our hands on XPM finally. XPM allows you to run virtual machine with Windows XP on background and access applications (virtually presented to you) from your Windows 7. Technically it is just Windows XP with (kind of) RemoteApp plugin.


What I would however like to see are two (long term) improvements:

  • ability to use RemoteApp on other computers (if VPC is connected to real network and not local only)
  • having standalone RemoteApp plugin for some VPC platforms. That would allow you to use your virtual machines to install some applications and use it on host system without worries. Or to install application to virtual guest first, try it, if it is not what you wanted, you can always undo changes and test competitor ;)


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