Thursday, April 30, 2009

Windows Virtual PC

As I mentioned before (Windows XP Mode in Windows 7), there is special edition of Virtual PC in Windows 7 – I haven’t tried it yet, however technically I expect it is regular Windows XP with RemoteApp functionality…

That’s however not all – there is also something called “Windows Virtual PC” – obviously it is new version of Virtual PC and I am really interested to see what “new” means ;) Sometimes it was referenced as Virtual PC 7 – don’t do it, Virtual PC 7 was (unofficially) next version of Virtual PC after Connectix acquisition (Virtual PC 2004 I think).

If you try to google it, well, good luck, I haven’t found any real references expect XP Mode – and I am very curious whether that is only difference between Virtual PC 2007 SP1 and Windows Virtual PC or whether there are more changes coming…

I will share with you as soon as possible – I am downloading beta right now :)

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