Friday, April 17, 2009

Keyboard shortcuts for windows in Windows 7

Yesterday I had discussion with friend of mine and we discussed also UltraMon – pretty famous utility for managing multi-monitor setups.

I am not huge UltraMon fan – I used it few years ago, because it was the one and only, these days I prefer Actual Window Manager.

One of reasons he mentioned why he is still using UltraMon is that he really likes keyboard shortcuts (geeks ;)) – and he was complaining about fact that there are no keyboard shortcuts for easy window management built-into Windows.

Well, there are… At least since Windows 7 ;)

The ones I am using every day are below:

Win + Up –> Maximize window

Win + Down –> Restore window

Win + Left –> Dock window to left

Win + Right –> Dock window to right

Win + Shift + Left|Right –> Move window to left\right monitor

You can find full list here – I use only ones mentioned above…

Interesting fact is that if you have multi-mon setup, Explorer doesn’t allow you to dock to inner borders (two borders where your monitors are touching), however if you use keyboard combinations, it works :)

I got used to this when I was using AeroSnap (gives you same functionality as Win7, however also with ability to snap to inner borders).


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