Monday, April 27, 2009

What am I missing in Live Mesh?

Live Mesh is really nice product – however it is still not the product I wanted to see ;) There are not many features I am missing – and below is list of them:


  • increase storage – why can’t we have (at least) 25GB as SkyDrive? Or even better, why cannot Microsoft join SkyDrive and Live Mesh (like they combined SkyDrive with sync favorites functionality of toolbar)?
  • make connecting to other users more friendly – if someone sends me invite to his Live Mesh folder, I can see following problems:
    • I cannot browse those folders in advance
    • if I will connect to them, they will decrease size of my Live Mesh storage
  • Specify conflict rules – there are some folders where I would like to have automated conflict handling – for example Favorites folder. Whenever you open favorite in IE, it will write to it and that means that all my favorites are almost always in conflict. I would like to specify rule “last win” for this folder
  • Multi-user environment – I was surprised when I recently found out that if user creates Live Mesh folder, other users on same PC doesn’t (!) have access to this folder. This means that syncing folders like pictures (and I would like to give access to this folder on my pc to my girlfriend), it doesn’t work
  • Get some advanced Live Mesh interface – there are two faces to this – first I would like to specify folders to sync automatically (using scripts) and have option to identify (using scripts) when all folders are synchronized… Second is (and most users will use this IMHO) ability to force sync, stop sync, start sync etc…
  • Delta sync -  do I need to say more? :) Live Mesh will always re-sync, not just do delta sync (it will synchronize complete files, not only changes)
  • Connect to remote desktop without confirmation – why do I need remote desktop when I need to confirm any access to it?

Of course there are tons of small tunes and tweaks, however these are driving Live Mesh as piece of technology that is “nice, however could be much better” :(

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