Monday, April 27, 2009

End of was one of my favorites applications\sites for last few years… I realized it recently when I reinstalled my pc, that first application I installed was Last.FM and LastPass…

Times has changed however. Maybe you heard about acquisition of Last.FM by CBS – from that moment I was skeptical about future of (free and perfect)

Today I received following mail:

Hi Soulinprague,

Your free trial to Radio is about to end. If you're enjoying it, why not subscribe for only $3.00/month and continue listening to non-stop personalised radio.

Best Regards,

The Team


Time to look for another music site – I don’t want to return to mp3s anymore ;)

I know three alternatives I run into:



Grooveshark (my favorite)

Do you know any other you could recommend? Or did you like any of links?

UPDATE: I was already kicked out. Grooveshark, here I come ;)



Anonymous said...

That's weird, I have a free lastfm account still.

Martin Zugec said...

Hi anonymous :)

as far as I remember, Last.FM is free of charge for US, UK & Canada (not sure about Canada though), for rest of the world it's not free anymore :( So if you are lucky, you are from one of those countries ;)