Tuesday, May 5, 2009

XPM (XP Mode) for Windows Vista & Windows 7

At this moment I am downloading XPM and I want to play a little bit with it… However I was curious why XPM, why not UVM (Universal Virtual Mode :))?

As it turned out, XPM is pretty famous name these days, however technology that we are interested in (publishing of applications from within virtual machine) is not called XPM, it is called RAIL – it means Remote Applications Integrated Locally :)

Most definition of XPM describes it as built-in VirtualPC with free Windows XP license – however that is not complete description. Full definition should be that XP Mode is combination of VirtualPC and RDP. VirtualPC is used as backend (to run hidden virtual PC) and RDP is used to present you with parts of that virtual pc (applications).

RAIL is however not available only for Windows XP, however also for Windows Vista. Check out following links:

I will probably build few virtual machine next week and post some screenshots together with instructions how to enable virtual applications on all these operating systems.

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