Monday, May 4, 2009

Windows 7 and problems with DWM

Sometimes there are some problems with DWM – for example I use GoToMeeting from Citrix for conference calls, however when you are organizer, your desktop will automatically switch to Aero Basic mode – and once you are finished with confcall, it will switch back to full Aero interface.

Many windows however won’t recover. You can see below screenshot of my desktop:


As you can see, only Skype window is restored, rest of windows are all black. Also notice how taskbar looks like – shining start button, however that’s it :)

It’s very easy to recover once you know that DWN is responsible. Just kill DWM.exe process, it will automatically re-launch and all windows are recovered:


I already saw this few times and it can be quite handy to know what’s wrong. Also I experienced few times that some applications had black box instead of text (will try to get screenshot next time) – DWM restart helped also ;)


Sky said...

I have never encountered this problem until I upgraded my Vista to 7. Wonder why, any solutions?

Martin Zugec said...

Hi Sky,

also caused by GoToMeeting? Or do you use any other screen sharing application?


Sky said...

Hello Martin,

Initially caused by Google Chrome, sometimes on Live Messenger and Thunder Downloader.

After realized can "repair" by killing dwm.exe in task manager and do it several times, the system may take some time to restart the dwm.