Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Virtual PC center is missing?

I just wanted to create new VM to test functionality (RAIL) I was talking about in my previous post, when I noticed there is no Virtual PC available in my start menu…

It turned out that you can either manually run %WinDir%\System32\VPWizard.exe or click on Create virtual machine in folder where you store your virtual machines:


Quick shortcut – if you want to open folder with your virtual machines, just open Run dialog (WinKey + R) and type VMWindow

BTW just out of curiosity, check out the VMSal.exe in Windows\System32 folder – this executable is used to run virtual applications from within virtual PC (at least description is Windows Virtual PC Application Launcher). If you try to run it, you get following error message:


Once my XPM is installed, I will try to give you parameters you can use.

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