Wednesday, December 10, 2008

LastPass - Free password manager

First of all - I was very busy with few projects, that is why I didn't post anything on this blog for long time. Situation is now better and from beginning of next year I would like to blog every week again, so keep tuned :)

Maybe you remember that I wrote about tools and utilities I am using and what am I missing. One of them was password manager and I finally found one I really like.

My requirements:

  • Online synchronization because I am using more computers
  • Support for multiple accounts for one site (typically Live ID or Gmail account)
  • Support for one account to multiple sites (again Live ID\Open ID\Gmail account)
  • Ability to have online access to accounts\passwords

2 months ago I found tool called LastPass. Major features they are promoting are online synchronization and fact that it is available for free.

From security perspective, central site DOESN'T store you password, it stores encrypted data by your master password.

There are many cool features I really like about LastPass... Because it have online synchronization, I finally started using autogenerated passwords (before I was scared what would I do in case of data loss)... You can even share sites with your friends.

So in case you are interested, head directly to LastPass homepage

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Hi Martin,
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