Wednesday, December 24, 2008

End of year

Hello everyone,

end of year is here – so merry Christmas to all of you :)

For next year I want to promise you something – I will write at least one post per week. What can you expect?

I think that Windows 7 will be very important OS release – as I mentioned few times in my posts, Windows Vista can be seen as Windows 2000 – new features, changes in MS approach etc, however still many annoyances and missing features. Windows 7 will be more like Windows XP – take already existing major release (Windows 2000), add new features and change some settings.

I really, really like Windows Vista – there are many features that I really love and are NOT obvious to normal users (MIC or I/O priorities) and I think that Windows 7 will make use of all these features.

As I am one of official MVP moderators for Windows 7, I want to share my thoughts with you and hope I’ll be able to make Windows 7 next-gen Windows XP – OS that we will happily use for years :)

You can also expect lot of posts about project I was working on called S4Matic. S4Matic is workflow framework based on PowerShell that allows you to easily automate processes. Consider scenario when new employee will come and all you need to do is to specify his name – his AD account is automatically generated, he is added to all required groups, his mailbox is generated and few emails are automatically sent (to create new badge for him for example or request for new mobile phone). This is quite simple scenario – consider more complex scenarios, for example if you have hundreds of Citrix servers and you want to reboot them during weekend without any downtime (I already implemented this). Or even better – you want to rebuild all servers during weekend without affecting any users. Sounds cool? You will see what S4Matic can do :)

Of course I want to continue with my Powershell blogging activities, I don’t like to post cool functions (there are many better bloggers for this), I prefer to write about general principles and how thinks works (or even better, what doesn’t work and why).

This blog is not only about technical stuff, so you can also expect some productivity posts – for example how versioning can improve your daily work or how to organize your drives.

And hopefully I will post some small programs and utilities :) And many many tips & tricks :)

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