Tuesday, November 18, 2008

ZoneAlarm Pro for free

You can get ZoneAlarm Pro for free today - however be careful, it is NOT full security suit as many sites are reporting, it is "only" firewall & antispyware suit (which I have no use for - both are already included in Vista by default)...

Anyway, if you find this information useful, so grab a copy while it is available ;)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Martin,

This is not about Zone Alarm but about SystemSherlockGUI that I came across on your old blog site.
I came across it while looking for the author of a program called RemoveR that I have been using for about 10 years now.
It's such a brilliant piece of software that I don't know why he never went on with it?
It has a couple of flaws, but in essence it takes a snap of your system which it saves (not the registry - one of the draw backs) so that the next time you run it, it will show you every file that has been added to you system since the last run.
Why I was trying to track him down was that it has started to develop a "runtime error 6 overflow" on my laptop but not my desktop ???
Seems to happen after installing certain programs with lots and lots of data!
I know absolutly nothing about programing and from your blog you appeared to be interested in this type of software, so I thought that you may be interested in having a look at it.
If you are and you would like a copy, let me know your email address and I would be happy to send it along. (the package is about 2.3meg)
If it had of included the registry it would have been a world beater.
Michael (mickeymichael@yahoo.com)