Sunday, July 12, 2009

Adaptive smooth movie streaming

Wow, this is really nice. Jeffrey Snover posted following on Facebook.

It’s best video streaming I ever saw… Very smooth even behind proxy and try to click in the middle of video – it will almost instantly continue :)

Really, really nice. Ah, and not to forget – Big Bucks Bunny is already really nice movie

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Lukas Pravda said...

Very well!

Behaves much better, than windows Media Player :D

However anyway. That's how home media system should work. (not mentioning Internet video services.)
1. HD, while watching localy.
2. Something reasonable (and dynamic), while watching remotely.
3. Low-res, while watching home movies on mobile device. :) (Taking into consideration the resolution and connection speed of the device.)

Could be as well a cool option for medaiview in Live Mesh folders or other online storages :)