Wednesday, June 10, 2009

See results from Bing, Google and Yahoo on one page

Quite interesting project… You enter any search term you are interested in and three columns will appear.

Each one of them represents one of major search players: Bing, Google and Yahoo. Trick is that you don’t see names :) So you just vote which one was most useful for you and then names appears.

Surprisingly, Bing is doing pretty well – most of the time it returned best results. Surprise, surprise, I want to use this site for a moment and see which one suits me best.

Only shame is that currently you don’t see results :(

Some douche is gaming the system, I've removed the ability to see the results until I sort this out. Meanwhile you can still have fun playing with blind search. Feel free to blame the douche for ruining it for everybody. Meanwhile, I wouldn’t take this a scientific whats-e-ma-jing, it's just a bit of observational fun.

Well, thank you “douche” :(

1 comment:

Lukas Pravda said...

Surprisingly for me Yahoo returned the best results.
However... no plan to switch. :)