Monday, March 16, 2009

Cloud 3 – applications and tools

Here comes another part of my cloud – this one is not very interesting, because there is nothing special in it, however it is tightly related to next one – keeping installation sources automatically updated.

I keep all my installation sources in Live Mesh divided to three parts:

  • PrivateSources (like Office, Visio…) – this one is accessible only by me and is not shared with anyone
  • Sources – installation sources, here I store publicly available applications
  • Tools – applications that doesn’t require any installation

Live Mesh allows me to automatically synchronize applications between multiple computers – major benefit is definitely Tools, because installation is not needed and I can use it immediately. I know I could run into “Out of space” pretty soon (due to Live Mesh limitation to 5GB), however I don’t use that many applications, so for me it is perfect ;)

What is interesting about this is how I keep all sources automatically up to date and synchronized between multiple computers – but for that, you will need to wait for next blog post ;)

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