Sunday, February 1, 2009

Outlook forward rules not processing

Just run into interesting problem that I am not able to solve :(

My girlfriend wants to forward all emails from Outlook to her Gmail account – which sounds pretty easy.

First I tried to set up normal rule – every mail forward to gmail. It was created as server rule and didn’t work, so I expected that got forwarding to external mail address blocked.

As a workaround I specified that I want to display notification – this is simple trick, because it will automatically change rule to Client side.

Now I can see that rule is processed:

1.) Email arrives
2.) Email is forwarded to
3.) Email never arrives

If I try to send email manually, it works. In both cases I can see that email in Sent folder, so I really don’t understand where could be the problem :(

Any idea\suggestion is welcomed :)


Anonymous said...

Ahoj, problem muze byt v zakazani forwardovani v Exchange serveru (na objekty mimo AD).

Martin Zugec said...

Ahoj, to uz ma napadlo, lenze bohuzial to nebude ono :(

1.) Tie maily sa zjavuju v odoslanej poste
2.) Skusal som tam pridat notification (takze sa to zmeni zo server na client side rule)

Unknown said...

ahoj, asi je jedno,zda client/server rule. podivej na to - tip c. 1; tzn. ze pokud to neni povoleny, tak ti to exchange proste nepreposle

Martin Zugec said...


moc mi to nesedi - u nas to je zakazane a mne to funguje (ked je to client rule) :(

Este zvlastnejsie je to, ze sa to zjavi v Outlooku v Sent items - ale nikdy to uz nedorazi

Alex said...

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Dawg said...

There is a setting on the Outlook server that controls whether the system created forwards can go to email addresses not in the global address list. Our's is turned off so I cannot do this as I had hoped either. Looking for another workaround as I found this.

Anonymous said...

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Alexis said...

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