Friday, August 1, 2008

How to manage your small development projects??

Some of you are maybe hobby developers as I am... I am partially developing for my company and also I have few free public projects like Elevator.

There are 3 tools that I always must have when I work with my projects:

  • Subversion - used for versioning, very easy to setup and use, available for free, no need for database, integrated to shell.
  • Visual Studio - well, of course :)
  • PowerGUI - it contains very nice PowerShell script editor

If you have however some professional projects (that means projects with fixed deadline for me ;)) and you are not working for professional developer company, it can be pretty tough to keep project on track and not spend days implementing small features and tweaks. It is very important to organize your time and keep track of everything you have to do.

At beginning I was "wild" developer - that means no versioning system, all notes in txt files and backups and rollbacks implemented by copy&paste (or popular ".old", ".bak", ".backup", ".001" etc..). Of course this was long time ago.

Later on I started working with Subversion and storing my notes in Visio. Still, that was not ideal solution.

Few days ago I discovered Unfuddle webpage. Unfuddle is project that is used for hosting - it provides you with basic bug tracking system (that meets all my needs), subversion hosting, notes taking system...

And best of all - they have also free edition. In free edition you are limited to 1 project and 2 people, however still it is great way to discover Unfuddle.


Anonymous said...

Jsem presne ten "hobby" typ .old .backup .old1 .... :-) A nekdy to je fuska se v tom vyznat, tak premyslim o nakym verzovani :-)

Martin Zugec said...

Tak jednoznacne Subversion :) Staci si stiahnut TortoiseSVN ( a pouzitie je velmi intuitivne (ak mas zaujem, nieco kratke o tom mozem napisat)

Anonymous said...

Jak se ti chce, rad si to prectu kdyz to tu bude :-)