Thursday, June 19, 2008

First post

Well, I decided I need to move my blog again...

I started blogging at BlogDrive - however in September 2005 I moved my blog, because BlogDrive was not supporting RSS\Atom :(

Now my blog at MSMVPS is not available for 3 days and I have no idea when it will work again, so it is time to move on and select stable blog provider - and Blogger is best I think :)

So if you never saw my blog before, few information for you:
My name is Martin Zugec and I work for company called Login Consultants as senior consultant. I am MVP for Server Setup\Deployment 2005, 2006, 2007 and right now I am in middle of renomination process...

I am specialized on scripting (batches, powershell, autoit, you name it), deployment and SBC (terminal services, citrix, application virtualization...)



Anonymous said...

Susan let everyone know several days ago about the server needing maintenance and being offline until Friday. She gave plenty of notice for folks to be prepared. Not sure why everyone else got the note, while you did not.

You say you moved to Blogger (horrible blogging platform, btw) for various reasons. Can you share the reasons?

Martin Zugec said...

Hi Rod,

definitely not me - I was not aware of any downtime and didn't get any email.

18th of June I sent email to Susan if she is aware of that and if she have any idea when it could be back online - didn't get any answer so far.

There were two main reasons for me:
1.) community server didn't allow me to embed HTML based flash (for example videos), so my post in Live Writer was different then one posted.

2.) Spam engine for comments was really bad (not sure if Blogger got better one) and I had to manually check comments every day.

I was already thinking about moving to different blog platform long time ago - and Blogger looks (so far, not sure about advantages\disadvantages) nice for me.


Thomas said...

Hi Martin, It would be very nice if you could migrate all your previous content on the new platform. There are several topics I keep in my reference links! :)

Martin Zugec said...

Hi Thomas,

I was thinking about it, but finally decided not to do so... I won't remove old blog, so you can keep your link (until I come with better solution on this blog ;))... Even my first blog ( is still working :)